About Us
Nestled between two National Parks, the farm enjoys views stretching from the Yorkshire Dales and North Yorkshire Moors.

After serving in the First World War, Masham-born Osmond Pearson returned to his home county to start up a farm of his own. North Yorkshire Council had set up an initiative to help support agriculture in the area, through buying and renting out farms at affordable costs. In 1919, Osmond moved in, set up as a mixed farm and the Pearson legacy began.

Osmond's son John was born in 1925 on the farm, taking over tenancy in 1963 and later deciding to specialise in dairy farming. Tenancy was passed down again in 1991 to John’s son Richard, who still holds it today. Adapting again to a changing market, in 2005 the family purchased a small herd of Lincoln Red Cattle, renowned for their supreme beef.
In 2007 the Pearsons bought the farm from the council. The family were thrilled to welcome their fourth-generation farmer George (Richard’s son), who came on board in 2018.

The Pearsons take great pride in the knowledge that their beef is home bred, high in quality and fully traceable from field to fork!
"It's good to see that quality food is becoming more accessible, and that we are experiencing a shift to support local and small scale farmers. We fully back buying British, and are excited to be a part of this change. We encourage wildlife across the farm and love to see our local countryside flourishing."
- Elly Pearson
Meet The Team
I'm a fourth generation farmer. I previously worked for an agricultural machinery dealer, and studied agricultural engineering at Reaseheath College. Following a stint of farm work in New Zealand, I came home to the family farm in 2018. My favourite thing about working on the farm is handling the herd to keep them dosile, and driving the tractor with my dogs.
I work full-time in the technology sector, but spend a lot of my free time at the farm. I'm in charge of all things 'business', from logistics to finance to marketing. I'm constantly in awe at how hardworking and dedicated farmers are and how little they get in return. My main aim from this small business venture is to educate more people on why buying British is best!
I'm a third generation farmer, and live on the family farm. I've been working on the farm all of my life, and am proud to see the traditions passed down to the next generation with as much enthusiasm as i have. My favourite thing about our farm is seeing our cattle content.
I've been living and helping out on the farm for thirty years. Whilst i work full time away from the farm, I'm always called in to look after any new born calves who need a helping hand. My favourite thing is being chief dog-walker, but I'm often found keeping a steady eye on the herd whilst gardening.
I graduated from Harper Adams University with a BSc in Agriculture with Animal Science in 2020. I am now a Sales Representative for a local animal feeds company. My favourite thing to do on our farm is looking after young animals and helping to maintain a high quality of animal welfare standards (and cuddling cows).